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Welcome to EstateMind Realty. We are the California based real estate organization and our experience has helped make the dream of homeownership a reality for hundreds of families. Estatemind Real Estate professionals are the reason clients continue to work with us, transaction after transaction. Their knowledge and experience can guide you through the real estate process from log in to move in and help you with all of the details before, during and after the sale.

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Top 10 Reasons to Join Us!    

# 10. Receive a Free Starting Kit when you join us!

# 9. All Services are FREE. Free desk cost, training materials, voice mail system, listing materials (portfolio, flyers, market updates), web site. Free  FAX OUT on demand.

# 8. High Rewarded Earning Commission Program  &  Agent Referral Program - New Agent starts with high commission rate. Experienced Agent's commission is endless. Top Producer's commission can be in full.

# 7. Free Leads from company - generated by our Internet, Toll Free, and Email Marketing.

# 6.  Lead of Lending Technology with  Rate Pricing and Desktop Underwriting Support in Mortgage Industry.

# 5.. Lead of Technology with High Secured Internet Website, Email System, Voice Mail System, and Fax System. Keep your client confidentiality and build their trust.

# 4.  Provide Continued Education (CE) for Licensed Agent and Course Programs for New Salesperson License  to pass DRE exams.

# 3. Best Training in Real Estate & Mortgage Industry - Joined Agents at different levels to be trained at our endorsed and DRE approved Real Estate License School Institution and at company site. THIS $1000 TRAINING PACKAGE IS EXCLUSIVELY FREE for ESTATEMIND AGENTS ONLY..

# 2. Best Environment and Nice Atmosphere for Agents to work, grow and financial success - Agents with Principles and Teamwork.

and ...

# 1.  Lead of Real Estate and Mortgage Broker Company with Best Team Support and Mentor Coaching - Manager to support, manage and coaching, not to compete. Assistant team and agents to support, not to politics or compete.

To find more about our programs and/or About Us, Contact Us today!

Phone: 1-888-397-6663 or 1-888-EXP-MONEY or (408) 956-9230

Real Estate Website: www.estatemind.com

Mortgage WebSite: www.lendingcentury.com


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