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Welcome to EstateMind Realty. We are the California based real estate organization and our experience has helped make the dream of homeownership a reality for hundreds of families. Estatemind Real Estate professionals are the reason clients continue to work with us, transaction after transaction. Their knowledge and experience can guide you through the real estate process from log in to move in and help you with all of the details before, during and after the sale.

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Owning a home in a city like California offers immediate benefits and long term value. It accumulates wealth for the future while enjoying the benefits of a shelter that you can use, improve and sell. Despite of recession and recent slowdown in market, buying a real estate property remains a good long-term investment. But many people find the process of buying a home a little daunting and sometimes overwhelming. With EstateMind, you can make your home buying easy.

Start your process by searching for your desired home using our property search. Simply save your search criteria and let our real estate agents help you in buying a property. They will notify you whenever they find a property matching to your criteria.

Following are some of the major home buying tips that provide an idea of the different steps one may encounter when buying a home.

1) Location: If your house is located in a desirable area that is in demand, it will bring you a good re-sell value. You will be able to get a higher price.

2) Maintenance: Always try to buy a house that has been better maintained.

3) Desirable amenities: Make sure that your house is equipped with all the desired household amenities, if not, at least the basics one.

4) Calculate the price per square foot: Before buying a house, you should calculate the price per square feet. Keep in mind the various methodologies can be used to calculate square footage.


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